“Ooo I love that!”

Who doesn’t love to hear a compliment when someone enters their home?

Lets design that statement piece for you.

Hey! Thanks for popping by. I’m Chelsea, the owner of Tangled Moon Macrame; a metro Minnesota company that makes custom macrame fiber art.

For me it started with always loving the esthetic of macramé. I had stumbled upon two macramé catalogs from the 70s my Mom had saved. Intrigued with what I’d found, I began learning the knots. The goal was to make a big statement piece for a room in my house. The problem was, it looked great in several rooms. I had a chic area on the wall in the dinning room, or a cozy corner in the living room. It of course looked dreamy on the wall behind the bed or boldly on a wall in our office. Naturally I began to making pieces for each room which led me to macramé plant hangers. This is where it got fun!

Enter the plant world…

I’m not someone who has a green thumb but I loved the idea of having a house full of plants. It started with one, quickly grew to a handful and now I’m pleasantly happy with my mini forest. I found some high quality 100% recycled cotton cord and put some fun, over the top fringe on them. They had a pretty sway as you walked by. You can find some of my first plant hanger designs in the Crafter’s Bin area on this site. I digress.

As I shared my creations with friends and family, the positive feed back fueled the desire to keep making things. I started getting a few requests for custom pieces and now I’m proud to say the store is open! I’m ready to design your statement fiber art! Check out Shop Macrame at the top, for ALL the Collections.

Make sure to follow on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest @TangledMoonMacrame to follow the journey.

Thanks Again!

 -Chelsea with Tangled Moon Macramé 

Three pictures of Owner Chelsea from Tangled Moon Macrame. Holding a statement macrame wall hanging. Fixing a macrame plant hanger from The Gold collection. Shedding light on the macrame propagation hangers.